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Our Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

The El Dorado Regional Fire Authority (EDRFA) will sustain and support public safety agencies to ensure
safe, effective, and efficient fire and emergency response services and community risk reduction

EDRFA Purpose and Intent

Everyone shall be safe.
Dedicated to service above self.
Respect our customers, communities, participating departments, and partner agencies.
Focus on continuous improvement.
Be Authentic in our actions.


  1. Gain and maintain political strength within committees, boards, and partnerships with El Dorado County to ensure adequate representation of our community and department interests.
  2. Seek additional funding opportunities through partnerships with El Dorado County and support modifications to overall funding mechanisms.
  3. Reduce costs by decreasing overall expenses through group purchasing and shared services agreements for benefits, administrative functions, contracts, and grants.
  4. Develop and maintain operational deployment strategies that provide the highest public and first responder safety level.

Immediate Objectives

  1. Leadership- Meet with county and agency leaders to share our new endeavor to discuss and/or adjust strategies based on geopolitical and financial realities.
  2. Public Information- Create and deploy public information via websites, social media, traditional media, and town hall meetings.
  3. Administration- Evaluate administrative “low-hanging fruit” and identify areas of shared benefits in departmental costs and expenses.
  4. Prevention- Evaluate the need and cost of an EDRFA Fire Prevention Officer.
  5. Training- Create standardized operational guidelines and implement multi-company/agency drills.
  6. Operations- Continue to provide operational support via the existing Joint Operations Agreement